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Latest Articles

When the Miss TV Scotland event got cancelled last October, Paula decided to visit Edinburgh anyway because hotel and train had already been booked. Read the article ...
Janine has come to the conclusion it is much better to be out rather than 'in the closet' and has found doing so has been an extremely positive experience Read the article ...
It was the appeal of her mum's tights that drew Nicole to cross-dressing and hosiery has been a passion for her ever since, so much so that she would love to do hosiery or other modelling. Read the article ...
Sophie Downs has a second visit to 'Sophie's', the dressing and makeover service, before it moved from Bath to Plymouth. Since then she has greater confidence to experiment with her own different looks. Read the article ...
There are not many places where you can go out and wear a hat, but one of them is Lady's Day at the Races. Read the article ...

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Featured Articles

Are You Taking the Minnie?
Nina heads to France and Euro Disney. Sadly she can't wear her fabulous Minnie Mouse costume at Euro Disney, but she does the following day!
Fetish in OZ
Katrina tells of her trip to Australia and meeting up with Repartee regular Nicci Tristan on the fetish scene there.
A Match Made in Hollywood
They met in Hollywood at Tiffany's birthday party and three years later got married in Las Vegas, September 2010.
Role Play Fun
Nicci Tristan and a group of friends try their hand at a fun little comic-strip style series for her website. A mix of fetish fun and humour with everyone dressed for the part.
Lisa Heart
If you happen to have picked up a copy of the Daily Star or Sun newspapers back in October 2012 then you may have already read something of Lisa Heart’s story.

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